Originality is power

And I got it


Focusing on the fun-factor is something I care about. You don't want to play a boring game.


Create highly cohesive visual designs is my vision. Even chaos itself has symmetry.


Nonsense things produce masterpieces. Masterpieces provide great and unique experiences.


Created in 2017, MAJ Studio is an unofficial brand being used

to expose my video games projects elegantly.

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I don't bite, I promise !
Marc-Antoine Jacob

Marc-Antoine Jacob


Ironic title for a passionate and curious developer always looking forward for new trends and ideas. Currently studying in Software Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal.

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Experience. That's the word I have in mind when looking back at Chromatic, the first indie game I released on the behalf of MAJ Studio (me). I have tons of things to say on this personal project which has its own unusual story. Be sure to read the whole to get all crispy details !

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